Raşen Şemsa ARI

Different Approaches Create Harmony

Our motto is “Cosmopolit Luxury” one of the do+mo’s special feature is not a mass production company. Every furniture produced is designed on the order of the customer and the process progresses with the customer. After the material and color selections are approved, the production is being passed.


do+mo was born with the idea of “Order Furniture” on a gap that the interior architect ilker Duruoğlu saw in the market after 18 years in the sector. do+mo combines different design trends with a harmonious, adaptive capture approach that is compatible with customers.


Mainly, do+mo working on residential & Office spaces. Design and manufactures special furniture for the places where the application is made. In addition, the transaction is constantly passed along with the customer; all materials, color choices and combos are made in a mutual consensus.


Interior architect ilker Duruoğlu & his colleague Rasen Şemsa Arı, performs the space and product designs under the do+mo.